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Delaware Auto Insurance

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Delaware uses a Tort insurance system, which means that whoever is at fault in an accident must pay for the medical expenses and property damage all other parties have incurred.

Minimum Liability requirements

Liability insurance is mandatory in Delaware. The minimum requirements are of 15/30/10:

  • $15,000 per bodily injury of one person, but not more than $30,000 per accident;
  • $10,000 for property damage.

Average Liability premiums

The average Liability insurance in Delaware costs, on average, very close to the national mean figure – $1.674 in Delaware and $1.678 country-wide. Insurance is more expensive in major cities – $2,338 in Wilmington, $1,942 in Dover, $2,053 in Bear, $2,448 in Hockessin, $2,213 in Middletown and $1,930 in Seaford.

Cell phone regulations

Delaware is one of the 25 states that is taking stance against the use of cellphones when driving. Bus drivers aren’t allowed to use cellphones altogether, and neither are beginning drivers (with less than one year of driving experience). All other drivers must use a hands-free system with their cellphones.

Teenage driving regulations

Delaware uses the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system, a concept meant to minimize the risk of inexperienced drivers getting involved in accidents. Teenagers must carry a learner’s permit for one year before they can apply for a full-fledged driver’s license. Several restrictions apply for kids with provisional licenses:

  • they may not drive between 10pm and 6am, unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or licensed driver over 21 years old;
  • there may not be more than two passengers in the car when the kid is driving, including the supervising driver and excluding immediate family members;
  • a teen may not drive unaccompanied unless he is on the way to/from school or work

Driving without insurance in Delaware

If you cancel your insurance policy or let it lapse, the company has to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles in DE. Should they determine that you have been driving without insurance, you will be $100 per vehicle and asked to surrender your registration and tags. If you fail to comply within 30 days, you will be charged another $5.00 per day until you do it, purchase another insurance policy or the tags expire.

If you get pulled over and are unable to provide proof of insurance, you risk a fine starting at $1,500 for the first occurrence and $3,000 from the second one onwards, as well as suspension of your driver’s license for up to half a year.

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