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Does Car Insurance Cover Friends Driving My Car

man driving on a motorway

This is quite a frequently asked question. Some types of insurance follow the driver, while others are tied to a car and cover any driver, so there is no blanket answer. It all boils down to the coverage you have and the insurer’s policies.

  • Liability insurance follows the driver, no matter what car they are driving. If your friends are insured, they may safely drive your car and be covered by their insurance, not yours.
  • Comprehensive/collision policies are linked to a car, but some insurers ask for drivers to be specifically named in the policy. And other insurers will settle claims at minimum values when occasional drivers caused an accident.

Some insurers are more permissive when you lend a car to a family member. Others will ask that if someone who lives in your house, whether or not related to you, drives your car then he or she should be specifically named in the policy. The best approach is to re-read the terms in the policy contract and, if still in doubt, ask the insurance representative or consult with a lawyer.

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