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Ohio Auto Insurance

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The state of Ohio uses a Tort auto insurance system. If you are found to have caused a traffic accident, you and your insurance company will have to cover the material damages and the eventual medical bills of injured parties.

Minimal insurance requirements

The minimum insurance requirements in Ohio are some of the lowest in the country — you only need 12.5/25/7.5 Liability coverage:

  • $12,500 to cover the medical expenses per injured passenger, but not more than $25,000 for the whole accident;
  • $7,500 to cover property damages incurred by other parties.

Average premiums in Ohio

The average insurance in Ohio costs $1,048 per year. Compared to the national average of $1,678, we can safely say that Ohio is one of the cheapest states to be insured in. Insurance tends to cost more in larger metropolitan areas, like $1,364 in Cleveland, $1,349 in Youngstown, $1,407 in Columbus,  $1,298 in Parma, $1,321 in Cincinnati or $1,433 in Toledo. Coverage in smaller towns (100,000 residents or less) is around the $1,100 mark. It costs, for instance, $1,136 in Lorain, $1,175 in Akron, $1,178 in Canton or $1,172 in Dayton.

Laws on the use of cellphones when driving

The state of Ohio has banned all forms of text-based communication while operating a motor vehicle (Ohio House Bill 415). No further restrictions are in place.

Teenage driving regulations

Ohio uses a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system to accommodate teenagers with driving on public roads. The concept is also meant to protect aspiring drivers by minimizing the chance of getting involved in risky situations. Provisional license holders are subject to several restrictions:

  • 14-16 drivers must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must be seated in the passenger seat; alternatively, parents or legal guardians may authorize a designated driver of legal age to assist the kid;
  • aspiring drivers of 16+ years old may be accompanied by any licensed driver of legal age;
  • they may not carry more than one passenger, except for the designated driver and any immediate family members;
  • they may not drive between 1am and 5am, unless on their way to/from school or work.

Penalties for driving without insurance in Ohio

The law says that you must show proof of insurance at all traffic inspections. If you cannot give proof at the scene, you will have to do it in court within 30 days. Failure to do so will result in several penalties:

  • loss of driving privileges between three months and two years;
  • reinstatement fees starting at $250 for your license, registration and vehicle plates;
  • SR22 filing requirement for three up to five years if caught in traffic without insurance;
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