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What Does A Field Adjuster Do?

claims adjuster with clients

A field adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who travels to different locations to document the results of an accident and inspect the damaged property. Field adjusters may work for one insurance company or be independent contractors. Large insurance carriers have their own team of adjusters while smaller ones outsource this service.

Whenever a claim involving damaged property is filed, a field adjuster is assigned to your case if the cost of repairing your vehicle is above a certain threshold. A minor scratch or a fender bender doesn’t usually justify the costs of someone going there in person to assess the damages, so the claim will be settled shortly after you send in some pictures and a police report.

The field adjuster has to get an overall view of how things happened and who was at fault in the accident, and do it quickly so that the claim process isn’t delayed. In case the adjusters feel there is something suspicious about the claim, a second opinion may be asked. The insurer will usually send over an appraiser and/or another adjuster specialized in that kind of incident (theft, arson or property damage).

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