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How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost For A New Driver?

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There really is no “typical” cost of insurance for a new driver, as there are lots of factors that influence the price. The premium the insurance carrier is going to charge you is built on a “base rate” adjusted with your score related to age, gender, the car you are driving, your driving record and claims history.

Male drivers in their twenties are likely to score close to worst in all these criteria – well, except for the claims history, you can’t have a hefty claims record if you are a new driver. Assuming you are going to drive a new car that is financed and the leasing company demands you get full coverage, you can be looking at an average of at least $3,000 a year. If you only need liability coverage, you may end up paying less than $2,000.

One of the best ideas to get a lower premium as a new driver would be to buy a cheaper car, preferably one that you can afford to pay down fast. Sports cars and other high-end vehicles tend to cause more accidents and are more likely to be stolen, so insurance carriers charge more for covering them. Next, if you are still a student you can get insurance from one of the many companies that offer good student discounts. Allstate, for instance, offers preferential rates to students who are enrolled full-time in a high school, university or community college and maintain a GPA of at least 3.0.

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