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What Is Sr22 Insurance?

SR-22 isn’t actually a form of insurance, but rather the name of the regular coverage you get when you have SR22 insurance filing requirement. A SR22 certificate is filed by your insurance company and constitutes proof that you hold the minimum required insurance in the state where you reside.

The filing requirement is decided by a court and follows a serious traffic violation. Reasons include, but are not limited to, driving while intoxicated, driving without a driver’s license and driving with expired license plates. You may be required to get a SR22 even if you don’t own a car (it’s called a non-owner’s SR22 policy and is usually much cheaper than an owner’s regular SR22 liability coverage). Check out for more helpful details.

While the certificate won’t increase the SR22 cost of your insurance per se, the traffic violation you have committed definitely will. It is not uncommon to pay as much as three times more than you used to.

The most common filing term for SR22 is of three years. However, courts of law are allowed to decide longer periods based on the seriousness of the offense. Should you, at any point, let your policy lapse, commit another offense or voluntarily give up your driving privileges then change your mind, the filing period resets and you will have to start all-over again.

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